DOFF Steam Cleaning Services

IRATA & IPAF Trained | Access via ROPE ACCESS or MEWPS

With absolutely 0% surface damage and no harmful residue; DOFF is the pinnacle of engineering prowess in cleaning services.

In the process, the water supply is fed into the hotbox, which superheats the water, and can raise the temperature to 150ºC when needed – so no need to use harmful chemicals.

A high heat but low-pressure jet removes even the most stubborn stains and markings, and the cleaned surface dries almost instantly, preventing any long-term damage.

Using state-of-the-art methods; the experts at Urban Heights can meet all your cleaning requirements. Our multi-utilitarian DOFF equipment can help with:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Cladding cleaning
  • Moss and algae removal
  • Stone and brick restoration
  • Façade Cleans
  • Graffiti removal

As a licensed contractor and operator, our DOFF steam cleaning service includes:

  • Non-obtrusive and non-damaging cleaning or restoration of surfaces and substrates
  • The portability and flexibility of the equipment means we can get to those harder-to-reach areas
  • Superheated water for rapid cleaning
  • The ability to clean a myriad of surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, tiles, etc.
  • Removal of algae, moss, graffiti, fungi/fungi spores, and chewing gum
  • Help with the restoration of commercial buildings, historical buildings, monuments, and heritage constructions

In fact, we can use our DOFF steam cleaning equipment to breathe new life into almost any building!