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Urban Heights is a no-compromise company. By valuing our time and safety, we add value to your projects. Our job is to plan, manage and carry out the work without incidents. All Industrial Rope Access Technicians at Urban Heights have passed thorough and rigorous training, and their skill levels are subject to continuous reassessment under the guidelines set out by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, otherwise known as IRATA.

With the help of IRATA, Industrial Rope Access has grown massively over the years and has moved into industries all over the world, and it can rightly boast an extremely high safety record. IRATA has worked hard with all Industries and relevant safety bodies over the years to develop its International Code of Practice and continues to set new stands within the Working-at-Height industry.

Work at height is governed by the Health and Safety Executive’s Working-at-Height Regulations. For Rope Access these are translated into practical advice and instructions by IRATA in its International Code of Practice. We follow the IRATA Code of Practice; the code outlines in detail all the requirements for safe working when using ropes as a means of access.

IRATA is continuously updating the industry on experience gained across the world and Urban Heights incorporates into its risk assessment and work procedures any new recommendations made by IRATA. For further guidance on Health and Safety, please take a look our useful links and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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