Why Urban Heights?

Urban Heights Access Solutions Ltd is a highly motivated and skilled team of Industrial Rope Access Technicians based in Cardiff, Wales, offering a wide range of services across the entire UK.

We bring a wealth of experience from within sectors such as Construction and Maintenance, Track Safety, Wind Energy and the Oil and Gas Industry.

No matter what the job, we offer the same standard of service to all our clients. You can be assured of a thorough Risk Assessment, a carefully constructed Method Statement and Rescue Plan, a highly skilled and competent onsite team of IRATA technicians, supported by dedicated management there to ensure all your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Why Rope Access?

Industrial Rope Access is not just a means of Abseiling; it can also involve techniques such as Aid Climbing, Lead Climbing and Complex Rigging. It can be done on land or at sea, over water or in confined spaces.

Unlike other forms of access, Industrial Rope Access has a minimal impact on the environment around where a job is taking place. At the end of the working day, all our ropes and equipment are safely stored away, leaving your building secure with no means of access for unwanted visitors.

There are many clear advantages in using Rope Access; it’s not just the time and money you’ll be saving.

Scaffolding and other mechanical aids can’t compete with our prices. So why pay a fortune for a service which we can provide for much less?

Why Choose Anyone Else?

So why choose anyone else when we are ready to provide you with precisely the solutions you need?

Our innovative, reliable team is waiting for your inquiries, so why wait?